Why I'm Running

As a first-generation American, I have an immense love for our country and our state; I cherish the freedoms, opportunities, and quality of life our great country and Arizona offers. As an Arizonan, I do believe every one of us should have access to a great education, to a great health care system, and to thriving communities.

I am excited, motivated and ready to work together for these goals, for Arizona and for you. This is my American dream.

I built my business here in the East Valley and I have helped my neighbors for more than 17 years, through ups and downs, good times and recessions. As a small business owner, I know the importance of small businesses for our communities and I know the challenges small business owners and employees are facing daily. A vibrant economy and a dynamic workforce are essential for the bright future of our beautiful state.

Meet AJ

Get involved!

Get Involved! There are a few ways you can get involved with my campaign right now. Sign my nominating petition to help get me qualified for the ballot, sign up to volunteer, or make a donation!