Ajlan "AJ" Kurdoglu

Candidate for Arizona State House (LD12)

Building community through investments in quality education, affordable housing, and small, local businesses.

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Democratic Primary Election: Tuesday, August 2nd
Ballots Mailed: July 6th
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Why I'm Running

I love this country; it’s an extraordinary place. I achieved my American Dream here and I’m running so that every Arizonan has the chance to achieve theirs. In no other country would I have the chance to run for public office. Thank you for being a part of that dream.

Arizonans deserve better. And that's why I'm running. I'm running to empower all of you so your voice is heard and is respected. I'm running so our small businesses, the backbone of our communities, are supported by our state government so they can create good quality jobs.


I'm running to help find solutions that will strengthen our communities and make your lives a little better every day.


Community building must be at the front of all our decision-making. We live, work, and thrive in our communities — and we can only do that with good schools, great local jobs, and affordable housing.

small & micro businesses

I'm a small business owner. I've been through recessions, shutdowns, and times of prosperity. Small and micro businesses give our communities character, jobs, and independence. Any legislative decisions must prioritize the small businesses that build our communities.


Safe, affordable housing is the most essential need for community members. Home prices are skyrocketing and putting families out of the market and out of the community, further hurting small businesses. Arizona needs healthy neighborhoods and communities, not overpriced rentals owned by corporations and the uber-wealthy.

quality education

When our families have affordable housing, and good jobs at local businesses, they also need a great place for their kids to receive an education. Arizona's education system is ranked among the worst in the nation in student to teacher ratio. Our state must increase teacher pay, reduce class sizes, and find ways to retain more educators.