My Race

My race is one of the top two competitive races in Arizona. In 2018, our House candidate, Jennifer Pawlik, won her race as a top vote-getter and became our very first Democratic Representative from the district. Our Senate candidate came within 1744 votes, 1%, to flip this seat. This year we closed the registration gap even further: three thousand more Democrats are registered to vote in our district than Republicans within the last two years.

We have an amazing opportunity to bring new leadership to the Arizona State Senate. My race has received national attention. The DLCC (Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee) has recognized the LD 17 senate race as one of the most critical races in our country.

LD17 is a true battleground district that will determine the fate of the Arizona State Senate and House of Representatives, and will also play a significant role in the US Senate race. If we can convince more voters to go to polls and vote for us, those voters will vote as well for Mark Kelly in November. Our work in LD17 is critical.

It is time to elect leaders who will put Arizonans first, fund our schools properly, expand voting rights, provide affordable healthcare, and protect small businesses and jobs. Please help us to win LD17 and elect new leaders in Arizona.