Supporting Small Businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy; we’ll still be here if large corporations have to shut their doors. As a small business owner, I know that reducing red tape for local businesses will help create quality, good-paying jobs that strengthen our community.

Investing in Public Education

Every student should have access to a quality public education right here in Arizona. We need to ensure that college and trade schools are affordable, so we have an educated, retainable workforce.

Protecting Access to Affordable Health Care

Our communities, employees, and families shouldn’t have to choose between buying groceries and going to a doctor. In Arizona, we can increase protections for those with preexisting conditions and make health care more accessible and affordable.

Climate Change

Climate change is real and is threatening our way of life, our health, and our planet. We can overcome this challenge by working together as Americans, as Arizonans.

We must invest in science to increase our energy efficiency and to reduce the cost of alternative, renewable energy resources. We should create more awareness and support among Arizonans by explaining the dangers we are facing because of climate change. Our planet is ready to heal itself, we have to pave the way.

Gun Violence

We need sensible, smart reforms so Arizonans can feel safe at their schools, businesses, places of worship, and homes. We need universal background checks without loopholes to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals, people with mental illness, and domestic abusers. Our healthcare system should provide adequate treatments for mental illness and our reforms should protect the victims of domestic violence. Now is the time to act to stop gun violence.