Supporting Small Businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and they give our neighborhoods character. I know because I own one!

We’ll still be here if large corporations have to shut their doors or move out of state. As a small business owner, I know their importance to our communities and know the challenges, such as Covid-19, small business owners and employees face daily.

Reducing red tape, making it easier to navigate starting a business, and increasing support for local businesses will help create quality, good-paying jobs that strengthen our community.

Investing in Public Education

My partner is a teacher - so I know how overworked and underpaid they are.

As State Senator, I’ll work to fully fund our schools - so we can recruit great teachers, reduce class sizes, and give students the supplies they need.

Like you, I'm frustrated that the current legislature hasn't invested in schools the way they deserve. Our schools have been left behind: our elementary school teachers are ranked 50th in pay compared to other states, and our high school teachers are ranked 49th. Our students, teachers, and communities deserve leaders who will work with everyone to improve our schools.

I know that every student should have access to a quality public education right here in Arizona. We need to ensure that college and trade schools are affordable, so we have an educated, retainable workforce.

Protecting Access to Affordable Health Care

Our communities, employees, and families shouldn’t have to choose between buying groceries and going to a doctor. In Arizona, we can increase protections for those with preexisting conditions and make health care more accessible and affordable.

We can expand mental health support for our communities, increase the number of counselors in our schools so that students are supported, and make sure mental healthcare is accessible to everyone.

Right now, as we continue to recover from Covid-19, we should use scientific guidelines to make decisions about how and when to open schools and businesses. If we re-open too aggressively, people will get sick, especially our seniors.

I'm fighting to put people ahead of politics, and make sure our communities are safe.

Protecting the Environment and Arizona's Public Lands

Arizona is facing more hot days every year, setting the record this year for the number of days over 100 degrees.

We can overcome the challenges of increased heat and more drought by working together as Americans, as Arizonans.

We must invest in science to increase our energy efficiency and to reduce the cost of alternative, renewable energy resources. We must fight to conserve and protect our lands and protect our water supply. We should prioritize policies in Arizona that work to reduce our carbon emissions.

Finally, we need to fight for healthy waterways and public lands so that the next generation can enjoy the beautiful lands that we do now.

Gun Violence

I respect the second amendment, and support responsible gun ownership so that Arizonans can feel safe at their schools, businesses, places of worship, and homes.

Simple bipartisan support to make our communities safer include universal background checks without loopholes to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals and domestic abusers. This is supported by an overwhelming majority of Americans and Arizonans.