Ajlan "AJ" Kurdoglu

A little bit about me

I moved from Istanbul to Arizona many years ago to attend Thunderbird, Graduate School of International Management. After getting my MBA, I decided to stay because I loved the state, its nature, its culture and most importantly its people – even its dry heat.

I built my business here in the East Valley and I have helped my neighbors for more than 17 years, through ups and downs, good times, recessions and a pandemic. As a small business owner, I know the importance of small businesses for our communities and I know the challenges small business owners and employees are facing daily. A vibrant economy and a dynamic workforce are essential for the bright future of our beautiful state.

I am a product of public education, the love of my life is a teacher in public schools. I know how hard teachers work, how much of their own time and money they pour into their jobs, and how they need to be appreciated and supported by the community. Our kids, our teachers deserve our utmost attention. We need to fund our schools sufficiently and must pay our teachers well.

As a first-generation American, I have an immense love for our country and our state; I cherish the freedoms, opportunities, and quality of life our great country and Arizona offers.

If elected, I would be the first Turkish-American elected to any state legislature in the country. What an honor it would be to hold this place in history. 

As an Arizonan, I do believe every one of us should have access to a great education, to affordable housing throughout the state, and to thriving communities -- to have a chance to realize their own American dream.

I am excited, motivated and ready to work together for these goals, for Arizona and for you. This is my American dream.

Join me on this journey.

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